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(Edited and formatted by George ALEFantes)

Be clear from the start, there is nothing, or we do not accept that there is anything, paranormal about the number 666. Its historic value has pretty much been agreed upon to have been the secret numerological equivalence of Emperor Nero's name, employed for safe communication.

There most certainly may be something occult about it, insofar as its use is valued at any cost by companies and institutions who find creative ways to embed and keep it hidden, allowing them "plausible deniability." Even against an enlightened populace with whom they do business and collect money and which scorns and condemns its use, so many of them continue to employ and feature the 666: A painfully curious fact that simply demands that we be Watchers and Recorders of those who insist on its use.

Southern Arizona's Route 666. Eventually changed to US Route 491 due to pressure from Christian Groups and losses from too many stolen signs.

George ALEFantes
Google Chrome, 666 and Swastika
Created by George ALEFantes

The numbers entered on the combination lock of the briefcase by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction are 666.

Apple 1 Computer Board with 4 KB RAM, 1976, Priced At $666.66

Bank of America Logo, Also Contains a Swastika

UPC Bar Code

UPC Bar Code

UPC Bar Code

Even its inventor, George J Laurer, of IBM acknowledges a resemblance to the three 6s.

Better Business Bureau

And note the deeply important Illuminati torch.

Coke Zero

The "o" in Zero is formed by a trio of sixes as well as the standard depiction of the 666 in their normal logo.

Furthermore, the Phoenician letter "waw," "W," being the sixth letter of their alphabet, means that every World Wide Web address actually begins with 666. So maybe the Antichrist is not even a person after all.

It has been pointed-out that there are six stars, six lines, and six more stars.

Iraqi National Congress

Israel 60th Anniversary

John Kerry Campaign Ad

Positioned in 2004 as the spoiler designed to lose the Presidential election to G W Bush and not lodge official protests over voting irregularities, John Kerry still had enough momentum by the time of the debates for a genuine victory.

To ensure defeat, he and running mate John Edwards each made a series of out of character, out of context, and out of left field remarks about Dick Cheney's Lesbian daughter.

It was enough to make his ratings fall. Election issues in Florida and Ohio, with many vote-tabulating machines, with the transmission of their data, and with exit polling discrepancies did not stand out against Kerry's lower standing.

Now he wants to be the Antichrist also!

Jon Stewart

Lotto Hessen of Germany
One ball has 666, the other has 49s (4 + 9 = 13, Masonic number).

There are 666 panes of glass in the Louvre Pyramid.

Microsoft Windows 98 Logo

There are six black squares in each of the three tails, in addition, of course, to the Swastika "hidden in plain sight."

Nokia Logo
From Rense.Com

Ontario, Canada Highway 666

SBC Building, now AT&T Again

666 5th Avenue in New York, New York, with its prominently displayed address, as of early 2008 was the most expensive property in the US at $1.8 billion.

The Bird and The Bee Music Group, Combination 6s and Swastika


Using each letter's ASCII numerical equivalent:

= 72 + 79 + 78 + 89 + 66 + 73 + 66 + 78 + 69 = 666.

The Washington Monument

Standing 555 feet high (6,660 inches) When the 111 foot underground base is added, the total height is 666 feet.

Washington DC also boasts Route 66; and the Beltway, Route 495 yields 4 + 9 + 5 = 18 which equals 6 + 6 + 6. Additionally, it is 66.6 miles in circumference.

The proposed Freedom Tower will be 1,776 feet high, or 666 in Roman Numerals (see Dollar Bill). The phone number of the Property Management office ends in 0666.

Ronald Wilson Reagan, having six letters in each of his three names, was often called the Antichrist. It didn't help when he left the White House and moved to 666 Saint Cloud Road in Bel Air, California.

Unlike Hebrew, where the letters are also used for numerical notation, the letters of the English alphabet do not have inherent numeric values. Numerologists convert names into numbers through various numerical codes.

The Pythagorean System from the Fifth Century BC is the most common method used today. The letters of the alphabet are laid out like cards in a game of solitaire from left to right beneath the numbers one through nine until all the letters are transcribed.


If the numbers corresponding to the letters of the name of George Walker Bush are added together, according to the table above you get 7+5+6+9+7+5 for George, +5+1+3+2+5+9 for Walker, and +2+3+1+8 for Bush, which all adds up to a total of 78 = 7+8 = 15 = 1+5 = 6.

FOX News Channel

Surprise! The three letters of FOX, using the same system, also result in 666.

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